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  • Google Application Integration

    Google Application Integration

    Google Integration into the business decisions help map your best options. The added functionality of Google applications can be balanced with security.
  • Office Infrastructure Management

    Office Infrastructure Management

    Effective decisions are made with objective information. This graph shows organizational copier usage. Waste cost this group $100,000 a year.
  • CarsenPrince.com


    Fashion model with integrated social media, shopping cart, and social/telephony integration with handheld devices. Added analytics and QR code capture the best advertising methods.
  • Software Integration

    Software Integration

    This was a custom Microsoft Excel application that married Salesforce data, Asana Project Management Tasks, and custom software usage information into an Executive Dashboard
  • Geographic Information Services

    Geographic Information Services

    Through a combination of various mapping and information tools, this personnel and traffic management project examined controlled access to a military installation.
  • Technical Writing

    Technical Writing

    This project provided a comprehensive technical description of a new, patented medical device for operating rooms.
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  • Colonel G. F., US Air Force

    "... I said at his retirement ceremony that an organization should be able to survive and thrive if one member leaves the group. Unfortunately, the 12th Flying Training Wing is worse off today without Major Coggins, because there is no replacement for his talent. Future employers will see the talent in this man and leverage his talent to improve their company. Barry will deliver unmatched results!"

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Your Awesome Project

When we begin your project, you can expect a full-scope evaluation of the objectives, roles, responsibilities, tasks, and end-state measures. Your project will have clearly defined and established expectations, so everyone understands the planned path forward. You will also receive other design specifications and planning tools to help you avoid potential risks and capture desired rewards.


Project Estimate

Understand the project scope. Project designs includes all of those features and options the client requests, as well as documentation on how the project will move forward and those roles and responsibilities of all parties.

Project Planning

See the entire project timeline. All parties will understand the timelines as well as deliverable information and tasks needed at each milestone. Management plays a key role here to ensure all deadlines are met to keep the project on course.

Functional Analysis

Know the who, why, what, when, & how of your organization. By understanding who does what for whom, all parties can see inefficiencies in the current organizational structure. Change is easier to implement when there are no secrets about what really happens in business processes.

Continuous Process Improvement

Idealize the Value Stream Map. In an ideal world, how should the organzation be structured? Is this a "process" problem or a "software" problem? Will training help the organization or does the group need a structured set of rules to use the software and systems already on hand?

New Systems and Software Planning

Research viable alternatives where needed. When change is needed, what systems, programs, applciations, or governing rules make sense? In most circumstances, this also inccludes a risk analysis of not only using new systems, but also managing the change between the old and new system.

Implementation Concepts

Forecast how to implement and manage change. When change is needed, you need an effective program manager to implement the plan that management approves. Constant reporting and up-to-date milestone tracking ensures all parties meet or exceed their stated goals during the transition.

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