Small business face a unique challenge with information security and data protection that many larger companies take for granted: large businesses have dedicated IT teams while small business owners provide all internal functions while simultaneously doing the work the business was established to do. This is no easy hurdle, especially given the ease that malware and other computer worms can spread through our connected devices.

The FBI has taken notice
In a 2016 report, they note how hackers and scammers are targeting business personnel for a variety of reasons. Finance and HR personnel receive an email supposedly from you, the business owner, asking for employee records or for funds to be wired to an unpaid (and fake) supplier. Real invoices are being electronically stolen and altered before being delivered to the business customer; that customer in turn pays the expected vendor's invoice but through altered payment methods. The vendor never receives payment and the customer still has a liability to the vendor. Earier this year, NBC News profiled how ransomware is a $1 Billion a year crime and growing.

How can I help?
As a member of your team, I provide the guidance and technical expertise for you and your staff including security training, traditional IT infrastructure management, and incident response for small businesses. Consider me your "Outsourced Chief Information Officer" without hiring a permanent employee. I help establish a health IT environment and maintain your systems going forward.

Are you a sole proprietor or very small operation?
I provide a 1-day workshop to teach safe IT practices and perform a thorough review of your computers and smart phones to make sure you are getting the most from your purchases while making sure you have the security and privacy you need. This includes refurbishing any existing desktops and laptops you currently own. Small businesses may be eligible for a free refurbished PC depending on availability.

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