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If you lose your laptop of phone today, will you have customer data tomorrow?

I ask all my new small business clients what they will do after theft, fire, loss, or... SPILLED COFFEE. In today's business environment, everything from customer contact information to invoicing and billing through payroll and banking happens on a computer or online. At any given moment, several months of past and future business transactions may be in some form of completeness, and all of it exists on a device that may fail.

I never thought that hot coffee would ruin my only copy of Quicken.
-Could this be you?



There are options BEFORE you have an accident

  1. Understand where your data lives
  2. Establish an automated backup
  3. Backup to a verifiable, secure cloud solution
  4. Encrypt data... all of it
  5. Know the recovery plan
  6. Exercise the recovery plan periodically

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