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I have a wide variety of experience

With over 15 years of technical training, hands-on experience, and proven results, I specialize in Information Security, Personnel Training, and Software Integration. My projects range from individual technical training to cryptology, enterprise software integration, to change management. My clients get a full-service consultant for their largest and most complex projects, but at the same time, my personalized training plans can assist nearly anyone with their individual learning needs.

Information Security - Protecting Your Valuable Data

Small & home offices up to large corporate networks are the lifeblood of today's information age. Even if you manufacture goods, your network provides payroll services and contains critical information that enables operations. If you lose your network, can you survive?

In today's world, your information is under constant attack from those on the outside simply wanting to say they hacked your system. Others make deliberate attempts to discredit you or steal your information for their own criminal purposes. Still others, possibly insiders, act on their own emotions to satisfy thier own needs.

Can your company survive a tornado that destroys your systems? Can you survive a fire that damages hard drives and paper files? Protecting your information is not just about defending against people trying to get into your network ... it is also about recovering from a disaster so your business can become operational in the minimum amount of time as possible.

Training - Making the Most of Your Human Resource

The best tools can yield great results, but only if the person using it has the training and knowledge necessary for the task. Before you buy expensive software, train those who use software to be more efficient. Do you need large-scale training or personal training plans?

Your employees are your MOST VALUABLE resource. Software, systems, and applications help them become more efficient, making your business or operation more efficient.

Training is not just for new employees, and making the effort for continuing education builds upon the expert knowledge your employees already have in place. Continuation training should be tailored to the person's abilities as well as the application they use.

Integration - Making Things Work

Do you have two or more applications that need to communicate with each other? What about a consolidated dashboard for the management team to understand your business from each of your software systems? Integration is the key.

Suppose your office calendar could integrate with your projecct management application. You can see personnel shortfalls during critical project milestones. What if your financial suite mapped data from your sales engine? Imagine how much more accurate your income projections can be if you know the rate and timing of future revenue streams. Executive dashboards only exist through integration, bringing all these data sources together in one location for your team.


I am a Certified Information Systems Security Professional® (certificate #494248) as acknowldged by (ISC)²®

This certifies my competence in the 10 CISSP® domains of the (ISC)²® common body of knowledge (CBK®), which cover critical topics in security today, including risk management, cloud computing, mobile security, application development security and more. Candidates must have a minimum of five years of paid full-time work experience in 2 of the 10 domains. This vast breadth of knowledge and the experience it takes to pass the exam is what sets the CISSP® apart. CISSPs® often hold job functions including:

  • Security Consultant
  • Security Manager
  • IT Director/Manager
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Architect
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Systems Engineer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Director of Security
  • Network Architect


I have earned awards and recognition for my work in software integration in conjunction with Continuous Process Improvement methods I have implemented. In the 2014 "Air Force 101" briefing delivered by the Chief of Staff, I was featured for my work across various projects from a "2008 Air For Best Practice" Mobility, Training and Management System to a revolutionary way to deliver regulations and instructions to Airmen in the field. Some of my integration projects include:

  • Microsoft Office & Sharepoint integrations
  • Custom Front-end/Back-end Microsoft Access applications
  • Salesforce® & Asana® Executive Dashboards
  • Google Maps integration & coding
  • Mobile Device & Small Office connectivity
  • ERP application suites
  • Cryptologic Application integration

IT Training

Some of the hardest training you can imagine occurs at nearly 400mph and just a few hundred feet off the ground in a combat aircraft. Combat-proven pilots need training just like brand new students who have never flown a jet aircraft before. Since 2004, I have provided not only flight training to United States and foreign ally pilots, but I have also developed Information Technology instructional tools based on the same techniques used to instruct highly-effective pilots. While these two environments are very different, the objective remains the same: teach so that the student can learn. I have a variety of tools available for your organization:

  • Syllabus-Based instructional
  • Custom instructional videos using Adobe® Captivate®
  • Small group lectures & discussions using a variety of media
  • Large group demonstrations & testing plans
  • "Hands-on" or "over-the-shoulder" for individuals
  • Efficient instruction that does not waste valuable time
  • Student-based feedback to show progress
  • Online or paper-based testing programs showing student improvement

I Always Try to Make a Difference

Two words ... Impassioned & Dedicated.
Your project is actively managed from initial planning through final product or service delivery.
I will do my best to earn your satisfaction.

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